About Me

I’m an iOS and Windows Phone expert who helps companies and startups design and develop mobile apps tailored to fit their users’ needs.

I have a Master’s Degree in Information Technology (2007, Warsaw University of Technology) and I’ve been developing mobile applications since 2004 when I first started an internship in Psiloc - Mobile Development Company. In 2006 I started my work as freelancer as Windows Mobile developer and few years ago moved to modern iOS and Windows Phone systems. Since then I have developed many successful applications and I’m constantly improving my knowledge and skills to keep up with the latest mobile development trends.

Code of The Coder

During my years as a freelance coder working from home, I developed a set of guiding principles, which help me create quality apps and also keep focus on what's important to the client.

1. Invest in skills.

I have Bachelor Degree in IT and 10+ year experience in developing mobile apps. Over this time I learned 4 different coding languages and large number of libraries, concepts and methodologies. To stay on top of new trends I try to invest several hours each week to learn new stuff. 

2. Focus on Design and User Experience.

User Experience is one of the most key factors for creating a successful mobile application. It's what makes the apps stand out of the crowd of 'bearly' decent apps. In my work I always try to use the user-centered approach to solving design problems. Additionally, browsing trough sites like behance.com or reading trough designer blogs is a good source of inspiration.

3. The Employeer is always right.

The Client  has the best understanding of his needs and he's the one responsible for the final success of the product. At times when I have a different idea or see some potential issues with the Client's solution I try to educate him about better options. However, at the end The Coder needs to respect any decision.
Good communication is crucial here, so it's always a good idea to use project management tools like Slack or Basecamp, to keep things easy to maintain.

4. Quality within a budget.

It's easy to a create quality product when you have almost unlimited budget (like some big corporations). It's also easy to create a cheap product that generally works, but has a very low quality, which degrades over time. I learned that the hard part is to keep the balance between providing an app on time and budget with good quality.

Design first. Write Clean Code. Test and Evaluate.

The first two are most important and save a lot of resources in the long run.

5. Productivity Enhancers.

There are a lot of distractions out there and a lot of things that slow the development process down. I try to invest in the tools which help me focus on the most important task - the coding. Fast computer, good workspace setup, productivity tools (Nozbe, Evernote, RescueTime, etc.) and productivity tips make my day easier.
Additionally, I keep myself in good shape by running, playing squash/tennis or boxing. Healthy mind in a healthy body.