VDOT O2 is a training calendar designed to help you become a faster runner. Unlike other running apps, VDOT O2 determines your proper training and race paces.

Runners can log their training using the world-renowned methods of legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels and/or receive training from their coach. Coaches can manage and deliver their athletes’ training through VDOT O2.

Features / Challenges

In this project I was responsible for developing iOS mobile app and REST API. In later phase I also took over and maintain Android application updates.

  • Offline data sync using Couchbase Sync Gateway
  • Customized forms UI for training management
  • app backend is written in ASP.NET MVC
  • Garmin Connect integration – athletes sync trainings from GPS watches directly to their VDOT O2 calendar.
  • Advanced Push Notifications system – e.g. delayed notifications, merged notifications when multiple trainings affected. 
  • Braintree payment gateway integration – athletes can purchase & setup their training plans trough mobile app.
  • Additional services used: fabric.io & elmah.io for crash reports, Google Analytics for usage monitoring
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