Handshake is the networking app that allows you to find new business professionals who are on events or business locations.

Use Handshake in locations where many professionals gather e.g. airports, seminars, trade fairs, network meetings, flex workspaces or other business meeting points.

Features / Challenges

In this project, I was responsible for developing iOS and Android mobile apps as well as backed REST API. 

  • The app was written in native iOS Swift first and then ported to Android. Code architecture is the same on both platforms (MVVM) which allowed to decrease build cost substantially.
  • Background location tracking and updates
  • The backend is written in ASP.NET MVC and hosted on Azure
  • Offline data sync using Azure App Service / SQL Server replication
  • Custom UI elements for handling page navigation, etc.
  • Custom in-app messaging system
  • Additional services used: fabric.io for crash reports, Google Analytics for usage monitoring
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